Why it’s needed


It’s difficult to find emergency management statistics that encompasses every aspect of good crisis management. Different industries conduct surveys specific to their segment’s needs. In general, during a crisis:


More than 50% of all companies don’t follow an emergency management plan.

Of the companies that had a prior crisis, 48% still didn’t have an emergency management strategy in place after the crisis.
















Our vision is to become the nation and world leader in preparedness and communications during contingencies.



Consider this . . .


        1. Do you want to learn how to work less and produce more with effective and efficient organization?

        2. Do you feel like your organization needs better structure, accountability and stronger lines of communication?

        3. Are you aware of the different types of crises and the four common stages of every crisis?

        4. Do you have a crisis management plan that includes a team and a communications strategy?

        5. Do you have a designated spokesperson who can control the message during a crisis?

        6. Can you handle unfavorable press?

        7. What types of decisions will you make under crisis-induced stress?


        Our ECCO approach is designed to give you the peace of mind that you need while managing your organization.






  • We created ECCO and have plans to further develop technologies to support this approach during a live crisis.
  • We build practical tools that an organization can use during drills and in real-time situation.
  • We work closely with organizations to ensure that ECCO is customized to meet their needs.
  • We are a family-owned business and we care about the livelihood and safety of our community.
  • We don’t sell fear. We encourage you to manage your organization, not a crisis.

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